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Saturday, December 15, 2007

(23) Did you forget someone?

For a teacher, bus driver, or neighbor. A festive spatula tied with a pretty ribbon and attached is one of your favorite recipes. $6.95

I got these dish towels for my Mom and sister. I thought they would be cute to wrap around some home baked goodies and tied with a ribbon. Only $4.95 each

What woman doesn't love delicious smelling soap? Especially cute soap! $1.25
It's a quaint, not too bold holiday decoration. And it's useful. Snowflake trivet $9.95

Here are a few gifts to keep around for this holiday season just in case you forget someone (Oops) or need something last minute. All under $20.00 and all found at the wonderful Crate and Barrel.


Kass Martin said...

That was so random running into you today. What a great surprise. You are here pretty much the same time I am gone to Missouri so I'm happy I got to see you in person and not just through the blog. Have a very Merry Christmas. Good to see you and your cute little one, and the hubby, Carli, her fam...So many memories came flashing back, especially on the slopes. I didn't die or hurt myself amazingly. It was fun.and I got off the chair life at all the appropriate times. haha :)

Carli said...

I love these "Hot Pads", I have some that are Strawberries and they are the best. I wish i had more, I may have to purchase these!