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Sunday, December 16, 2007

(24) Pipe cleaner garland

Sara and I went in this huge antique store here in Orange and saw this cute little garland made out of shiny pipe cleaners priced at $14.99. I made my own for about $3.00 in 10 minutes. Just cut the pipe cleaners in half, bend into a circle and twist together. So easy. I thought it should be hung on a Christmas tree but it also looks cute hanging by itself as a garland.


Jess Perry said...

That is so cute. Definately stealing that one!

A and L said...

You're so creative Chels! I might have to try this one out.

Heather said...

Chels I love your blog... Noah is so big (old) I can't believe it... Call me when you are in Utah!

Carli said...

Those look fun to make. They are really colorful and cute. We will have to try them.

Ryan Amber and Family said...

he is so sweet, Noah just shows how your kids in the future will follow suit. He got very distinct features that stand out!! He is getting big too fast.
The holiday ideas are wonderful.
I love that you share them. You make look fun and easy.