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Friday, December 14, 2007

(22) Gingerbread houses

I think almost every family (Especially those with children) make gingerbread houses every year. I prefer the already put together and easy to make ones from Costco. But if you are feeling a little more daring and creative this year, click HERE for some great gingerbread house ideas.


sara said...

he noah's ark is a little ambitious for me, seeing how the first gingerbread house i made i had to glue it together with the glue gun. for some reason the frosting didn't stick. this year, we spent all this time making our gingerbread house and kate accidentally knocked it off the chair and broke it to pieces. she was so sad.

Cory CL said...

Hey Chelsey,
Just killed some time while trying to pack up boxes. Darling blog! Talk about a girl who has great taste and style. Look forward to staying in touch through the blog. Still loving my hair. Thanks so very much!

Brady, Theresa, & Lily said...

Hey Chelsey!
Thank you so much for the christmas card- how cute!! Who took those pictures for you?? All your pictures are awesome- it must be sara!!:) Thanks again! Now I have some decoration on my fridge:)

Kass Martin said...

I love all your ideas. You are crafty crafty. I got your card yesterday. It is so dang cute. I love how unique it is. What a cutie little Noah is. Don't you feel like he's growing up so fast. Bridget is getting bigger by the second. My card will be there soon. I sent it yesterday so we'll see with all the mail they are getting right now. Hope it gets thee soon. Merry Christmas.

Carli said...

Perfect for Noah to make next year, that is such a cute Noah's Ark gingerbread house!