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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Today is supposed to be 80 degrees. Hallelujah!!!  Yesterday was "Warm and nice" (As Noah would say) so we set up the mini pool.  Noah loved it.

He then had a poolside lunch.  

I'm SO happy to have a yard for Noah to play in.  Our little place in Orange only had a teeny, tiny patio with no grass, so this place is just dreamy.   He's not the only one loving it... Meatloaf (Our kitty) is in heaven.  I've never seen him prance and jump around like this before!

1. Grout bathroom floor
2. Finish planning baby shower for this Sat
3. Clean house
4. Run errands... Xpedex, Dollar tree, Maceys (Which I swear is the best grocery store ever) 
5. Yard work

Next week:
Swim lessons 5 days a week
Wednesday morning movies
Get gifts for Keslee, Dad and Reece's Birthdays
Fathers day gifts

I feel SO lucky to have such a happy, healthy Family.  My kiddos are so much fun, they keep me smiling throughout the day.  Dave is such a hard worker and is always saying something to crack me up.  If it's not his comments about the bachelorette it's him teasing me about forgetting to clean out the dryer vent (Which was SO SO SO full, like, words can't describe!!!), I feel like one lucky gal. 


brooke b said...

I love Macey's too! Their bakery rocks (and when the guys ask if I want help out I always say 'yes!')