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Monday, May 09, 2011

Picnic anyone???

We'll be in California this weekend for my Birthday so my cute Family threw me an early surprise bash which included lots of balloons, streamers, presents, 2 different cakes and hello... great company!!!  Can't believe I'm gonna be 29 by the way, why am I getting so old?
Well I was gifted some great gifts... H&M gift card, some vintage childrens books and last but not least a picnic table.  Pretty cool.  Now I need to decide whether or not to paint it... what do you think?  Actually I've done so much painting lately that the sound of it seems awful, but anything to make it cuter right?!!  Wait, is cuter a word?  Anyway just so you know the husband and I have plans to Barbecue all Summer long and all you (Well the ones I know) are invited.  I absolutely love having people over but ever since we moved to Utah we don't seem to have as many friends as we did in Cali.  So... be our friends and come enjoy the new picnic table!


Brittany said...

Looking forward to a lot of picnics this summer....can't wait!!!

Dayton and Candice said...

Happy (early) Birthday no wait...Im late????Ahhhh Is your birthday like the 25th?? Now I can't remember :) Well the picnic table is making me think of endless possibilities!! I love the last photo--I know whatever you do to it will be perfect! And speaking of BBQ's, We need to get together this summer!! My boys would love to hang w/ Mr. Noah!!