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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cavitiy Free

Who me? Of course not... I never have no cavities, I eat too much candy! But Noah had his very first dentist appointment a couple weeks ago and he took it like a champ. The place was awesome it was like a big Chuckie Cheese with a few dentist chairs, he seriously had no idea where he was. He made it (With a few tears) through x-rays and a fluoride treatment but ended up with a balloon, lots of stickers and a new sparkle toothbrush! Well worth it letting a couple random people look in his mouth for a couple of seconds! We'll be back for more (Dentist) partying in 6 months!


SueBrown said...

Well, I want my dentist appts to be like would be awesome, right? I hope he doesn't get your teeth....probably too soon to tell.
Congrats Noah...that is pretty big going to the dentist at 2 years old.

SQ said...

that is seriously so cute!

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

Look at that carpet!! It looks like he's getting his teeth checked at chuck e. cheese! That's so smart, now kids will be begging to go tot the dentist! He's a doll.

The Reichmans said...

Wow I am impressed you took him to the dentist-I probably should take ry since he will be 3 next month. that is awesome that he is cavity free

Just Spotted said...

maybe i'll be so lucky at my next appointment! but i'm not holding my breath.

xoxo, K

Carli said...

Yeah! It feels good to go to the doctor/ dentist and have no cavities or problems! Saves lots and lots of money! Preston and Reece went in for their cleaning and checkups a few weeks ago and did great and had no cavities! It's a MIRACLE!!!