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Friday, April 17, 2009


From the corner of Maple and Santee I introduce Dude. So happy to have him!


Grandma & Pop-pop said...

Hey, Dude,

You're not a snapping turtle are you? Once Grandpa Tracy Hall picked up a beautiful turtle that was in the road in New York. As he was putting it in the car to take it home to the kids, a ranger stopped by.

He asked Dad, "Do you know that's a snapping turtle? Do you know he could easily remove one of your fingers?

Then, oddly, Grandpa Tracy Hall said he took it out of the box and shot it with his gun. I guess that ranger had no use for snapping turtles.

Aunt Ginger

Grandma & Pop-pop said...

Oh Dude, I forgot to ask,

Are you sure you don't have a case of salmonella? In Virginia it is not legal to keep turtles. They have a history of passing along the salmonella bug.

That said, the Wood family once had a turtle we found in our garden. I think he lasted about one day in the house and then was liberated by Barry to do the good work of eating bugs in the garden.

Aunt Ginger

tatum said...

i want one, how much did he cost?

Carli said...

Oh carp! I hope he doesn't have Salmonella. That would not be a good thing, especially knowing what Preston went through last summer. You may want to have his yearly check up like you mentioned when we bought him!