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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Proud new owner

I'm not sure exactly which one of these I have in my jaw but which ever it is turned out a success! I got a dental implant a few months back (Because I had a fractured root canal) and just went back to Arizona to have my final tooth put on. My cousins hubby is a dentist in Mesa and did lots of work on me! I was in the chair for 4 hours on Tuesday and 2 on Friday, so after lots of shots, drilling, and poking, I am a proud new owner of a successful dental implant. More pictures from the trip coming soon.


The Westover Family said...

I know I probably wasn't first on lyour list to call...but you should've gave me a call! we live in Mesa! Who is the dentist you saw?! You should call next time your in town and we can get together!

tatum said...

oh my gosh, i hope my root canals never have that problem, i hate teeth issues. sorry your teeth are so fragile. good thing you are tough.

Cindy said...

Wow you are tough! Dinner was great tonight. Thank you!

jen said...

scary! 4 hours, that's a long time. bet you're glad it's over! hopefully you were really numb and got good drugs after. no fun!

Grandma & Pop-pop said...


So today I had my crown pulled. It's the last one in my mouth on the top, left. I have to have a bone implant first, before that one can have an implant. The one next to it, has been pulled for a very long time. I think I finally have to deal with it. So, my question is: What does your cousin charge for an implant and/or buildup and crown> Does he just do the reconstruction on the implant, or does he actually put in the titanium screw, also? I got two estimates here in Virginia--one from the specialist who would put in the implant, and one from the dentist who would do the buildup and the crown. Ask your cousin to give me a price, and if he can beat it enough for me to buy a ticket to Mesa (where I can see my two grandbabies), I will have him do it. I can't do the implant that needs bone growth for about six months, but the other one can be done soon--though I want to make it in early 2009. If he only does build-up and crown work, what would that cost me?

Aunt Ginger