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Friday, November 21, 2008


Top to bottom, left to right:

-Kate, my 3rd cousin on her way to see her new little brother for the fist time
-Baby Jude. My 2nd cousin, Kyla had him while I was there, it was so fun.
-Collett, my first cousin. She is so sweet, generous and welcoming. I love visiting her.
-Me and Kristi. I went to dinner with one of my best girlies from high school and we had so much fun. Her husband took probably 50 pictures of us because none of the them were good enough! I had a fun and relaxing (Besides the dentist chair) trip!


Carli said...

Kyla's little girl is so cute! I bet she is excited to have a baby brother! Collett is really sweet. I love talking to her when she comes to visit. P.S. For some reason i was thinking of Kristi just last week. How is she doing anyway? It is good to see old friends! I hope your mouth is feeling much better!