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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taking steps

Noah is ALMOST walking! He takes a few steps at a time then drops, he's going to figure it out soon. He walked to me the other day and when he finally got to me we both laughed, it was so fun. I don't have any pictures yet but I will post some soon.

Ive' been crocheting (I know, so grandma) Noah a blanket and he loves to play with the yarn and crochet hooks. Silly boy.

And him and his lion. He loves stuffed animals so much.
And today I opened my blog at Carrie's and realized the music is kind of annoying, so I got rid of it.


thompsons said...

Noah is so cute! I love this age, it just keeps getting so much fun and better from here on! When are you coming to Utah?

sara said...

i think noah's been hanging around meatloaf too long, he looks like a cat with that string.

Carli said...

Noah looks so much bigger since we saw him last (a month ago). I cannot wait to see him walking, maybe Reece can show him how to do it! They will have so much fun playing together again.

tatum said...

oh my gosh, he has actually changed so much, it's the hair, it seems like he just got a bunch all of a sudden. cute!

Angela said...

We have to see each other before I leave for Spokane. I will call you when I get back to Utah.