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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pineapple is 52

Happy Birthday Dad! He is 52 today, man he is getting old! I adore my Dad. He's funny, dependable, handy, and pretty much the smartest man in town. I can always count on him. Sorry to everyone else but I'm pretty sure I got the best Dad ever. Hope your day is awesome Pineapple!

I made this blanket for him. He loved it!


Cory CL said...

Is that a current Pic, because man can you do blonde or what?! You're one of those girls that can have any hair color aren't you? Sweet tribute to your Dad...and I loved the blanket!

Carli said...

Happy Birthday dad! Cha- The blanket turned out really cute. We picked out some awesome fabric for the best skier around! I am sure he will love laying with it on his couch in front of the TV!

jen said...

that blanket is great! and your dad is great too! happy birthday!!!

tatum said...

hey, your blonde, i like it!