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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally... Christmas at the Booths

We had to postpone Christmas with Dave's family until now because one of our nephews had the chicken pox! So it was kind of a Valentines/Christmas! Cathy made some awesome chicken enchiladas, Mike made salsa (Yum as always), and Yvette made Mexican rice. Poor Cathy kept up ALL her decorations just so she could get a picture of Noah in front of the tree! She is going to have to dust everything before she puts it away this year! Noah got hooked up.... 9 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, socks and toys!


Lindsey Lee said...

ok, he is the cutest! Your little family is darling and you are as beautiful as i remember!
Ps. Those shirts you made with stensile are do you do that?
Lindsey (henson) mackay

thompsons said...

celebrating Christmas in shorts and short sleeves!? Lucky Noah! It's snowing here again!!!!!!!

Carli said...

Noah looks so grown up! I cannot wait to see him. Reece and Noah will have such a good time together crawling around, I cannot wait!!!

The down low said...

Chels so i was at shep salon getting my hair done when this girl that works there i think her name was cassidy or cassandra(it started with a c)anyway she said are you related to a chelsey? and i said chelsey who she said mecham. haha i said no but i love her. It brought back memories of both of us having short hair and people thinking that about us. i told her you were my favorite hair cutting girl and that i missed you. Funny story huh? Noah is getting so big. When you are in town next time we should get together i bet noah and cher would have fun together since they are almost the same age. hope you are doing well.

Lila Tueller said...

Hey Chelsea! Thank you for your comments on my was fun to hear from you and your sister! It's been a long time since I saw either of you, and you look FABULOUS! Your family is darling, and your little Noah is precious! How's your Mom doing? I haven't seen her in forever!
We still have our ceramic studio, and it is doing really well! If she ever wanted to work there, I would love that!
Take Care...