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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alicia and John's wedding

One of my best girlfriends got married on Valentines day and I had the opportunity to do her hair. The night before the wedding she stayed at the Surf and sand resort in Laguna beach so that's where we got her ready the morning of the wedding. All I can say about the hotel is BEAUTIFUL! It was right over the water, the hotel actually puts ear plugs next to the bed just in case the waves keep you up! Alicia is so gorgeous so it wasn't hard to make her look good for her wedding. She was really relaxed and calm. I did Alicia's hair, 4 bridesmaids and the flower girls hair, so I was beat by the end of the day! It was a gorgeous day and I feel so lucky to have been a part of her special day!


Carli said...

She is a beautiful bride! You also did a great job on her hair. Noah looks so big since you were here for Christmas. I miss him tonz, i also miss you and Dave. I cannot wait to come down and visit!

Kit said...

great job! i love her veil. her cake looked like it was going to tip over in the picture. thanks for the a/c offer, i will have to get the details on that.

Lynn said...

glad to see that the pic on the balcony wasn't her actual dress but what goes underneath. gorgeous wedding party...i loved the grooms suit.

Frampton Family said...

How I somehow missed the post on the quilt you made is beyond me. I absolutely LOVE what you did with it Chelsea. I have been wanting to start this hobby for quite sometime now. And would love some help on how start help. I was thinking of ordering some of Amy Butler's fabrics and starting it in Europe, then doing the actual sewing when we move to NYC this summer. Do you think it would be too hard to figure out on my own though? I'm seriously impressed by this project of yours. I would love to see any more you are working on.
As for the wedding. Way to go on pulling off the task of an entire wedding party. I love cutting hair here, but miss the up-do's I used to do. The bride looks gorgeous. You did an awesome job!