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Friday, November 02, 2007

Thank you David

I'll be baking up a storm now that I have one of these to serve my cakes on! Thanks Babe.


Carli said...

I love it! I am sure you will bake the cutest cakes to put on it! Dave is the greatest!!!

J.Fillmore said...

I always think having something cute to put baked goods on makes them a lot more appetizing!
How are you? I found your blog the other day and just wanted to say hi!
(This is Jessica from the salon in case you were wondering.)

jen said...

I almost bought those!!! They are darling! What a good husband, he must like it when you bake :)

jessperry said...

I love that..where did he get it? You have to let me know because I have been looking for a good tier server forever and that one is so cute and simple and iwll go with everything!

Chelsey Booth said...

Jes he got it at Macys. It's Martha Stewart.