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Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Britt

Happy birthday to my best girl Britt! We have had some seriously good times together! Just to mention a few.... remember Bryn and how we used to drive through the Chevron and never stop, but he was so happy to see us waving? Remember that time at chili's when you stayed in the car and I ran in and somebody hit my car? Remember when I ate it in your hallway because I tripped over the hamper? Well thats just a couple, but you have always been such a good friend to me and I love you for it! I hope you have a great birthday!


The Naefs said...

Good Times, Good Times. Thanks so much, you are so cute. Remember the birthday dance that you did for me when Kristi totally ditched me on my birthday, you right there after a fabulous shift at Tony Romas. You're the best. Love ya!!

Carli said...

Wow! Have times changed. Look at the crazy colored hair. And is that Aamon? He is so sexy! Is it so wierd to think that you are all married and have kids now. Makes me feel old! P.S> Happy Birthday Britt!