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Monday, October 22, 2007

Could he get any cuter?

My cousin Hannah gave Noah these socks with toys sewn on them and He thinks they are the greatest! It's funny to see him put his little feet in his mouth. I'm pretty sure he gets cuter everyday, probably because he gets so much beauty sleep!


Sariah said...

To answer your question, YES! He gets more cute with every picture you post! So, I have no doubt tomorrows Noah post will just just as cute or better! :-)
Noah is so blessed to have a mom that loves him so much!

megan said...

He is getting cuter and cuter everyday. great smile you caught with the camera.

Carli said...

That is funny! Preston had some of those but they went on his hands. I never let him wear them because he would hit himself in the face and the toys was a little hard! Noah is getting so big and is so handsome!

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

He really does have the cutest little face. His cheeks kill me! Maybe it's because they look like mine :)
P.s. When can we expect a play mate for Noah?

jessperry said...

I love his cheeks and his legs. He is such a happy kid! All of his pictures he is so smiley!

The Deans said...

Hey!! I saw Britts blog about disney and then I saw yours so I thought I would say hi!! Your little boy is so cute. Being a mom is the best! I hope that your doing well!!