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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Our Darling Noah!

Noah Laker Booth has finally arrived! He arrived 7 days after his due date on April 10th, weighing 8lbs 4 oz and measuring 20in long. He has really long toes and fingers, skinny legs and big cheeks! On Monday April 9th I went in at 41 weeks for a doctors visit and my blood pressure was so high he decided to induce me at 10:00 that evening. So you could say it was a long night! He was born at 1:14 the next afternoon. He arrived crying, but stopped when they laid him on my chest. He is such a good baby! We feel so blessed! He rarely cries, only when he is hungry or poopy! Even though he is only 11 days old he already smiles at us! We are so happy to have him in our family, and feel so lucky to have such a healthy baby!


shannon said...

Chels! Congrats! He is gorgeous!
I am so happy for you guys!
Noah is one lucky baby.

Brooke&Blake said...

He is darling! I'm so happy you're a blogger now--I'll check it for sure!

Sariah said...

Oh, he is such a babe! Just look at those eyes! Darling baby Chelsea & Dave! You make 'em cute! Hope to meet him sometime! Keep us updated with lots of pictures!

Christopher said...

Reese and I wanted to welcome N. Laker Booth to the world. What a cutie! That look is 100% Dave. Congratulations you guys! Isn't it so fun? If not, it soon will be. 0-3 months isn't as much fun as 4-18 months, believe me! But it doesn't matter how old they are you always want to make-out with their little chunky faces. Plus having a baby is always a good excuse to sit out in the hall on Sunday when the lessons get boring. We love ya'll and hope to one day have enough money to come out and see you guys. And I'm sorry but our whole family is going to refer to Noah by his middle name because it's so incredibly pimp. Laker Booth... It's just so awesome! He's going to be famous.

Christopher said...

Add some more posts to this freaking Blog. We're dying over here! And by We're I mean me and Reese.

Brooke&Blake said...

Ok, so I'm waiting for more pictures of little Noah. It's amazing to me how much they change, I bet the next set of pictures he will look completely different. How are you doing by the way?

Barbara Catron said...

I have no idea how I found your blog but I am sooo glad I did! Chels he is darling! Noah is such a cute name too, anyways just wanted to tell ya congrats & hope all is well with you & your new lil' fam in Cali.
Your fav. cuz, Barb