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Monday, October 03, 2011

Creative thinking

Noah has the best preschool teacher.  I seriously love her.  She is wonderful with the "friends" as she calls them and Noah is always so excited to go.  Every week or so she asks the kids a few random questions.  They have to do with the letter they're learning.  This week was letter C.  

1. Who is cute?  A: Mommy

2. What is your favorite candy?  A: Reece's

3. What do cows give us?  A: Food

4. Do you have a favorite color?  A:  Blue

Love the fact that my child thinks I'm cute :)  And how cows give us food... ha ha!  Last week she asked him "Who is beautiful?"  and he answered "Ruby"  Awwww... he really knows how to answer correctly!  I just my little man!