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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our home away from home...

All 4 of us packed our bags and took a trip to our old home in sunny Cali.  It was dreamy.  We saw wonderful friends and Family, went to our fav spots, ate our most missed foods, soaked up the sun and enjoyed every moment.  Here are the photos in no particular order...

Dave and his bestie

Us in Old town Orange

Noah at LB airport, he was so happy to be in Cali

Dave and his rental

Alyssa and Noah

The train at Disneyland, we literally rode it for an hour

Ryan, Dave and Jeff

Noah and his buds, he misses them SO much

Ruby getting her diaper changed at the Disneyland baby care center, Have you taken your baby there?  It's so old fashioned and charming.  They have a nursing room, a diaper changing room and even miniature toilets for potty training children.  It's a nice getaway from the craziness of the park.  

Rubys first time to downtown Los Angeles... Oh how I miss the fabric stores :(

Mmmmm.... milkshake from The Habit

Noah not happy about heading home

Our Orange tree (Yes we were sneaky and peaked over someone else's fence).  We planted tis tree the first year we moved to Orange and we only got 1 orange from it.  Apparently it waited until we moved (5 years later) to produce.  We were dying over how big it was.  

Zitos, best pizza ever. 

And finally home... we had SO much luggage it was hilarious.

California was SO fun.  We miss it.  


brooke b said...

I think you'll always be a california girl in your heart! Don't you love traveling with 21 kids? It's a joke!

Ryan said...

Great Blog post. I love the pics, such a fun time!