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Friday, May 06, 2011


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I am busy.  There are so many things I want to do, so many things I need to do.  Every night I hop into my clean, cozy bed and think about what I achieved during the day and usually, it's not much.  I feel frustrated.  My mind is all over the place... I can't stay on track.  I'll be busy doing one thing and the next minute I'm online looking for inspiring ideas for something else I've dreamed up, then I realize "What happened, how did I end up here?"  Right now I'm preparing for Mothers day, a friends babe shower and a very much anticipated trip back to our old home in Cali.  It seems once I get going on something Ruby begins to cry or Noah screams from the bathroom "Mom... come wipe my bum!"  Life is crazy, but at the same time happy.  I just wish I was a little more organized and was better at staying on one task at a time.  


hannah said...

You just wrote exactly what I've been feeling.

Brittany said...

Seriously know the feeling...if you find out the secret to being more organized definitely let me know.

Lynn said...

you have been busy. i'm glad i finally took a little break to catch up with friends blogs. love noah and the tuils...and ruby. she cannot be any more darling. she's actually looking up at me from my desk. Her announcment is so cute I just keep it out!