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Monday, April 25, 2011

The latest

Noah has the 5th virus.  He went to bed with red cheeks and woke up with even brighter red cheeks, so I thought he should probably see the doctor.  He's acting a little more tired then usual but is normal besides that!

Dave did his first triathlon of the year with his friend Christopher.  Dave misses OC and the opportunity to mountain bike a couple times a week.  He now keeps himself active at the gym, we're so excited for the warm weather so we can be outside!

Who knew a new lawn mower could be so exciting?  These 2 boys are loving it!

We have 2 apples trees and Dave was busy a couple weeks ago trimming them back.  Unfortunately Dave left a low branch and my Dad ran right into it and hit his eye ball!  OUCH.  After a quick trip the the E.R and some Tylenol he's fine and is healing up great.  

And a random picture of Ruby just because she's so cute...  


Bryan Weight Family said...

poor noah, I've never heard of this one! Looks like you have a nice yard! Hyrum likes to do Triathlons, too. Ruby is so cute!!

Cathy said...

I hope my baby Noah is ok. I have never heard of this one either, I love him so much. Ruby is beautiful.