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Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll tumble for ya...

My baby sis is trying out for cheerleading in a few weeks so Carli and I decided to join her at tumbling practice.  I thought... "Oh it'll be simple, I used to be so good!"  WRONG.  I'm not as strong as I used to be, but I guess I did have a baby only 7 weeks prior, oh and that was another thing, I almost peed my pants many a times :) 

Above: Me then Keslee... she really showed Carli and I up.

At the gym they call this guy "Blue", (not sure why) he jumps so high on the tramp that he can hang from the ceiling!  He had THE sweetest mullet.

Pretty good toe touch for 34 and having 2 kids right!??


Kevin and Ciara Slider said...

good luck to kes! looks like you guys had lots of fun jumping!

megan said...

You've still got it! Makes an old coach proud. Don't forget to do those kegel exercises ha ha!

Good luck to your sister hope to see her at the games.

Dayton and Candice said...

WOW! What are you talking about, you are awesome!! My question is was that scary at all?? And yeah Keslee is awesome! And Carli's toe touch is serious! I would be straining everything below the waist:)