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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hello February

I love Valentines day.  I love the decorations, the pinks and reds, the treats... and of course a super romantic date with my man.  I'm in need of some cute Valentines for Noahs class, any ideas or links?  Here's the ones we used last year:  

For love cards click HERE

For zebra cards click HERE

For sweetheart cards click HERE

For elephant cards click HERE


kels&murr said...

i LOVE v-day decor and all the little things that encompass it!

hayleyrowan said...

funny, i never knew cute valentines like these existed, i always thought you had to buy the grocery store ones... i'm going to save these, thanks!

brooke b said...

We did those zebra ones last year for Ty's preschool. He wanted them again this year--the kids loves animals. Thanks for sharing...maybe we'll do the elephant next year:)