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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Hello lovelies.  And welcome to my home.  
This is what you see when you walk in my front door... nothing.   Ha ha.  Dave is always complaining to me that we need some artwork or pictures.  I'm afraid to hang anything because I know if it's not "Perfect" (In my mind) I'll stare at it everyday and wish it was different.  Now that I have 2 kids I can only do so much internet searching, that's why I need your help!  I need you to share great ideas, pictures you love or walls you're inspired by. I need websites and links!  Please help!!!


Laura said...

You should look at Elizabeth Kartchner's blog, she did a wall in her girls playroom that is out of control cute like a year ago, I'm sure you could replicate something similar for that wall. Or, Pottery Barn always has really cute picture wall ideas. You have great taste, I'm sure anything you do will look amazing!

Erin @ two more seconds said...

Have you heard of pinterest? It's like a virtual design board that is community run ... easy to find awesome pictures of things you like and that your friends like. TONS of inspiration on there!

SoCal Chosen said...

I have that same wall in our hallway. I want to do a picture wall but I get bored very easy and I would want to switch the pictures in and out.

kelsey and murray said...

you could do a collage of empty frames that are all different colors and shapes or find a few fabrics that complement your house and wrap them around canvas or in a frame or something.

megan said...

hey you I saw post somewhere and thought of you.
so much you could do. Here is the link: