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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I'm not the only one loving our new kitchen...


Sally said...

You sure are blogging alot lately! Know you'll be totally too busy when that little gal gets here--can't wait to see a pic of her! Love seeing pics of your new house.


emily+brett said...

LOVE! britt says your place is coming together. is it fun having a fixer-uper or just draining the pocket book?

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from one of my friends... it's super cute by the way.

Then I was looking at this picture of your new kitchen, and realized that you bought my good friends house. I thought it was funny that someone made a comment about it being a fixer upper, since with the exception of the bathrooms that house was so cute and move in ready. I was sad to see her sell it, but am glad it seems you are taking care of it. I used to joke with my husband that whoever bought that house was going to have a lot of preasure to keep it cute, because everyone knows of the house just from driving around and admiring it. :-)

Sara said...

I am loving your new kitchen - its been ages since I checked in with your blog and didn't even know you moved! Congrats on everything!

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I think I may need to do a house tour of your new place - what do you think?!

Let me know - stubbert at yahoo dot com