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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Busy. Busy. Busy.

When we first arrived in Utah I felt so bored.  Not many friends, no clients and not much to do here.  But, now that we've purchased a home things have totally changed.  When we walked through this house we knew there would be a few things that needed fixing/updating, but we had no idea what we were really in for.  We've been patching nail holes, tearing out carpet, caulking, sanitizing, painting, carpet cleaning, window washing and much more.  Only a few rooms are complete but I must say we've done a pretty good job so far.  It's been fun turning this house into our own.  Right now it feels as if we're living in the middle of a construction zone.  Most of my decorations and furniture are still in the garage and I'm pretty sure once I start pulling it out it will feel more like a home.  My mind is definitely not on Christmas right now and I should probably start panicking because I haven't bought any gifts yet and haven't had time to make or send Christmas cards... I'll post house pictures once everything is in order, which could be months :)


Sariah said...

Can't wait to see you work your magic and the finished product!

jen said...

That is so exciting! Reminds me of when we first bought, there is so much cleaning and painting! It will be so nice when it's done and you can enjoy your new home.

Lynn said...

home ownership is a never ending project. but a rewarding one! i'm sure your place is going to be fabulous.