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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today is my main mans B-day.  To be honest, I really hate reading cheesy, mushy posts that people write about their husbands so I'm gonna make this quick and mention a few reasons why I like Dave. 

He makes me belly laugh daily, whether its him limping inside from getting his butt kicked at the gym (By Rory) or singing a horribly off tune song, he always manages to make me smile.

He reaches out to those who need a friend.  When we lived in Orange a whole new side of Dave came out, he became EQP and influenced so many people for the better just by being their friend.  I'm so proud of him for that. 

He's dang smart.  He passed two state Bars on the first try, served a Spanish speaking mission, is now a District attorney... I try to convince him he's smart but he doesn't agree. 

He's so nice to me.  Sometimes he comes home and I've done nothing all freaking day... does he care?  Of course not, he looks at me no differently.

He's a morning person and I'm definitely not (I did get up at 5:30 this morning to make him breakfast though).  He wakes me every morning to say goodbye and he's always so happy, I love it. 

Dave is such a fun dude!  I feel so lucky that I get to spend my life with him right by my side.  Hope your day is wonderful!  Happy Birthday!!!


hayleyrowan said...

congrats on your house. that's really exciting. i say go for the wallpaper. you'll love it. also i'm totaly planning on coming to your shower on Friday, but Monet is really sick from her shots, it's still a few days away so i''m hoping she'll be better... but we'll see, i'll let you know.

hayleyrowan said...

thanks, i would have shown up on friday! good saturday gives me a better chance to be there. see you soon.

marymary said...

You didn't even mention his 'stache!

xóchitl said...

nice tribute. very real and not mushy. and i can picture all of the wonderful things you've said about him. you're such a sweetheart. a perfect match.

jen said...

so sweet!