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Friday, October 01, 2010

The mustache

As long as I can remember this guy has sported a stache'

My Mom said he shaved it once and he felt like he looked like Kermit the frog, so he grew it back and has never shaved it again.  

 When Dave and I were dating he decided to grow out a mustache... what did I do?  Cried.  I told him mustaches were for old men, not for a 25 year old.  But now that I'm becoming an older woman I actually don't mind them so much.  Dave goes through mustache phases, when we lived in Orange he grew out his mustache every Wednesday... why?  Well in Dave's own words "A mustache COMMANDS respect"  He claims he needed it when he was throwing people in jail for not paying their child support.  
So today, once again, he's growing out the stache'  But this time he's growing it for our trip to Las Vegas, maybe so he'll look 21. 

I like my Dave both with or without the mustache.  And, I'm planning on making a pink one of these just to represent.  


tatum said...

does this mean your having a girl???? you gotta call me!

Brian said...

Dave, that stache is great! I haven't been keeping up with you, but it's cool to hear you are here in UT. We will have to go mountain biking somtime. I'm up in Logan, but go down to Sandy a lot to visit in-laws. We are having a baby tomorrow another girl! Good luck when your little one comes. Later, Brian Chudleigh

The Reichmans said...

How are you liking Utah? I saw you from far away in the mall a few day ago and you looked so cute! Hope things are going well.

emily+brett said...

love the stache! i'm sure brandon is on that train...

i'm so glad to hear meatloaf is back! yay!