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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Missing our kitty

Meatloaf hates Utah... and my sisters cats.  Last night he decided to hit the road and now we can't find him.  We're so sad, tonight we're going out to put up signs and search... wish us luck!


callzy rocks said...

I'm so sorry cha!! thats so sad!

Anonymous said...

We lost our doggy right after we moved... make sure you check the local pound--that's where we found ours.

I hope you find Meatloaf--he's a cutie!

Elise said...

Good luck! So sad!

xóchitl said...

Cute kitty. There's unlikely a tabby as hardcore as Meatloaf. Hope you find him.

xóchitl said...

oh yeah, hope your move worked out well and that you're settling in.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have found him by now!

I can relate to the moving back to Utah thing although our 5 years were in Northern California. I wish I could say I love it here . . . just not in February. But it's wonderful to be close to family.

That's great that you're having a girl! How fun.