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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thomas... we love you

Well at least Noah does.  Thomas is not the cutest, so I tried really hard to make Noahs Thomas themed Birthday party as cute as possible.  We had it at the park and all the kids loved it.  Still can't believe my little guy is three! 

- After we got home (Around 5:00 pm) Noah fell asleep... and slept the whole night through.  He was pooped.  


marta said...

adorable, you really outdid yourself miss chels! i love those striped straws too. super duper cute. and he looks just like your hubby in that one photo. twins!

Heather Thompson said...

Cute Chels! I was looking on party blogs and saw a thomas the train party and totally thought of Noah, cause I remembered he likes him! You did a good job. And I can't believe how big Noah is :)