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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Yesterday Dave and I went to the pet store and they had so many baby rabbits!  They were so cute and we guessed they were selling like hot cakes.  When I was young, at one point I had 15 bunny rabbits!  They were so fun.  My friends and I would put them all on the trampoline and let them hop all around us.  I eventually sold them all for $5 a piece - ha ha.  

Today we celebrated Easter with my Family.  We had a big breakfast, watched movies, had an egg hunt and now we're all getting ready for our road trips tomorrow.  My Mom, Keslee and I are off to Arizona for dental work.  My Dad, DJ and Noah are off to Utah for work, school and fun.  

Hope you all had an awesome holiday and conference weekend.  See you in a week.    


tatum said...

that's funny about the bunnies! so cute!

Hayley said...

Yes we did.

margaret said...

Happy easter Chels! Hey I loved your post about the van. We have talked about it and they just make sense dang it! I was always one of those, "I wil never have a van" people, but once you have kids it's a whole new ball game. You totally will rock the van, and maybe one day I will too. Maybe you shuld get a spoiler on it! haha