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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Post 3: NYC

My very most favorite thing about New York City was the broadway shows.  They were dreamy and I wanted to watch one every night.  Here's what we saw and my reviews:

It was out of this world.  I'm not kidding, it was amazing.  I honestly wanted to cry when it was over because I loved it so much.  The music was perfect, Mary was practically perfect and so darling, the set was great and the souvineer cups were totally cute.  If you're in the big city I highly recommend this play.    


This show plays at the Booth theater... cool huh!  This show is about a Family who has to pull together when their Mom is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.  It makes you laugh, cry and laugh again.  It was kind of a rated "R" play because of the language... but the songs were catchy and the talent was great.  Wasn't my favorite, but was definitely entertaining.


We went to this show because there was nothing else available on Saturday night... we got to the ticket booth too late.  This is totally a kids show, our boys would have loved it.  The bubbles were cool it just wasn't what we thought it was going to be.  My Mom was covering her hair the whole time so she didn't get soapy!


Oh man, this show was awesome.  It's different then any play I've ever seen.  The music was amazing and so energetic, I wanted to dance the whole play (Which, part of it I did) and the dance moves... oh the dance moves, I've never seen dancing like it, those girls can shake it!   This play is funny, sad, and so very entertaining.  If I get the chance I'll definitely see it again!  Click HERE to see a clip of the show!  


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