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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Am obsessed.

Cuties are great because they are…

  • Seedless

  • Excellent quality

  • Easy to peel (zipper skin)

  • Super Sweet

  • Excellent source of Vitamin C

  • Naturally fat, cholesterol, sodium and trans fat free.

  • Snack-sized and portable

  • They're our new favorite snack, I eat ten a day.  


    The Reichmans said...

    K so I am going to NYC in about a month and am wondering if you got your Mary Poppins tickets before you left or did you just get them the day off? We have tickets to wicked, but I would love to see Mary poppins as well. What were your favorite places to eat, shop, etc? I have never been so am looking for recommendations:)

    hannah said...

    If our supply runs out, we make a dash to the store. Love, love, love... these.

    Elise said...

    I love them too! Thanks for reminding me to buy a box at the store tonight!

    Brittany said...

    bonus...and the kiddos love them too!!

    lynn said...

    citrus - the only good thing about winter.

    I about exploded when one of avery's friends nearly wiped out our cutie supply today. she ate six. Don't mess with a pregnant woman and her oranges.

    tatum said...

    i am obsessed with these yummy!