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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bach... week 3, 4 and 5

Sorry peeps.  Been vacationing, potty training etc.  A little too busy for blogging about the Bachelor but... not too busy to watch.

Holy moly.  This season is intense, cheesy and awesome all at once.  Last week not only was it just Dave and I, but Heidi was here to give her input too.  We laughed lots over one another's comments.  We think Tenley might be Jakes girl but I'm keeping my finger scrossed for Gia.  She is a beauty and I want them to fall in love and have babies.  Vienna.... oh Vienna.  Her hair last week, I was dying, she looked like Barbara Bush, but not as hot.  I've concluded that ABC is making Jake keep her around for good T.V. but I must say, I am excited to meet her Family.  I'm assuming they're all as crazy as she is, can't wait to see.   How is it that I forget every Monday that the Bach is on?  Dave always says  "You know what's on tonight?" and then I get pumped, watch it and can't wait until next Monday.  Then I forget again.  How could I forget?  I told Dave I wish the Bachelor was a mid-day soap opera.  I'd be hooked.  Looking forward to next Monday night. 


Laura said...

I heard a rumor that Vienna is supposed to win...
I'm done watching forever if that happens though.