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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Did you watch? Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy. I have such a love/hate relationship with this show. He said "Absolutely" probably 100 times, was dying over the 2 girls who tripped, couldn't handle all the boobs and horrible hair extensions, and was so surprised on some of the girls he chose. There was already so much drama and it sucks me right in. Sadly... I can't wait 'til next weeks episode.


Hayley Anderson Photography said...

You should have seen Carly and I watching it last night! We were cringing and laughing the entire show... it was almost painful to watch! How about CRAZY girl, Michelle! Holy crap! I swear the show makes him choose a couple crazies just for ratings.

megan said...

Watched too and was laughing every time he would watch the ladies go into the house his eyes went right to there butt. I couldn't agree with you more!!!

PS> Hope you had a merry christmas!! Loved getting your card too. You have such a cute family

kelly said...

Every girl was totally crazy. I hated 'em all. But I too will be tuning in to catch all the drama.