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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bachelor week 2

Oh this week was good. First off... are all episodes going to be 2 hours long? They're long but I can't get enough. And FYI I'm not the only one around here who loves this show, my bff (Dave) can't get enough either. Here are my favorite moments: "We'll miss you Jake" seriously? How old are you girls? ten? They kill me, screaming when he comes in the door, screaming that they'll miss him when he leaves for a date and always flaunting their teeny tiny bodies around him. I joked that I'd be the only on there in a one piece.
We were dying when he was on his way in to pick up the ladies and he un-buttoned yet, another button... it was low enough in the first place, yuck.
So far, my favorite girl is Ali. Loved their date, although I do think being the only 2 people at a live concert would be slightly weird. Loved the amazing, sparkly diamond necklace Ali wore.
Michelle is crazy. Not much more to say, she's got issues.
And on to the most dramatic part of the show... Rozlyn.
Holy moly, this girl is hoochie and I'm SO glad to see her gone. I couldn't stand looking at her fake boobs anymore. I loved when she was packing her bags she kept on those ridiculous high heels... hello, take off the shoes! She's slutty and doesn't deserve a hot (But kind of short and cheesy) pilot. I don't understand why all the girls were crying when they were told about the situation, they should be freaking happy, thats one less girl to worry about. It was all a big show... They hardly even know Jake which is why they were pretending. Gotta make a good impression.... right!?! Gotta let him know they care.
I'm happy with who he eliminated this week, but wish he would have cut crazy Michelle. Until next week peeps.


Brittany said...

So I totally told myself that I wasn't going to watch this season because I can't stand the way he talks for some reason....but I am totally hooked now. I have decided that I love the drama and amen to everything you said.

SQ said...

i am so right there with you! that show is such a train wreck i can't keep my eyes off it!! i loved rozlyns face when she was getting busted for sluttin!

tatum said...

k, so i just saw a commercial for tonight and another girl is telling him she's pregnant......WHAT???!@!(*&@(#! this show is wacked! by the way your making me want to get bangs with your cute hair!!!!