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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Image via Flickr

It's Sept. 22nd and today is officially the first day of autumn. Since it's supposed to be 105 degrees here today (WHAT!?!?) I'm pretending it's Fall and I'm inside enjoying. Here's what I'm doing to make my home feel like Fall. Burning THIS candle which smells so delightful, making THIS delicious bread and crocheting THIS warm scarf to enjoy when it really is cold outside. Love Orange County but I also love when the seasons change!


Carli said...

It was really cold here today! What a change in temps the past few days. I could not go outside without my seatshirt on. Burrr.... I also just got all of my fall decorations up and my house smells like spiced pumpkin. I really love the look of fall (just not the coldness of it!)