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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Isn't it the truth? Dave's taking the Utah Bar exam today and I want to wish him GOOD LUCK! I'm going to Virginia tomorrow for my cousin Sara's wedding. I'm going all alone (Meaning no toddler) and I'm so excited! See you after I get back!


Carli said...

You suck! I so want to go with you! Have fun and enjoy being childless, how would it be!?!

Brady, Theresa, & Lily said...

How awesome to have a trip alone! That always helps me appreciate being home:) I love the post about all your dreams. You should print out the pictures and put them on a vision board!! It always works:) you probably already have...Hope to see you all soon!

tatum said...

chels what does this mean...r u guys moving back here? i have been trying to call u, still have a phone don't u. =)