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Thursday, July 16, 2009


How many pills can you swallow at once?

Me? Probably 3 max. But DJ (My awesome little bro) can swallow 9.
Thats right I said 9, not to mention there is some seriously HUGE vitamins in the bunch. Maybe the fact that he's blind and can't see them helps?! He's such a funny little dude!


SueBrown said...

go DJ!!!!!!


brooke b said...

What a man!

p.s. loved your dreamer post. Love Nancy's header--how can she be so talented in so many diff. areas???

Darcy and Shawn Patterson said...

That's impressive!! It took me forever to learn how to swallow pills... I can still remember my parents being so irritated with me! :)

Carli said...

It makes me gag when i watch him taking all of them. Some are as big as horse pills. What a guy!

hayleyrowan said...

9 i can hardly swallow a baby asprin! the blog header is SO cute i didn't know your mom could do that... my mom can barely turn the computer on! can't wait to see what you do with noah's room.