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Thursday, May 14, 2009


I, David N. Booth, Attorney at Law and Chelsey's handsome and hardworking husband, have commandeered Chelsey's blog to let all those that frequent this blog know what a great wife, sister, friend and mother she is. And fill you in on somethings you may not know about her. But first a picture:

Isn't she HOT!!! Look at those pearly whites (which will eventually cost me a fortune to replace). She is so beautiful and still puts up with me. Now a picture of me:

It's like I have always said "Women love a man with a good Stache." When I was sporting this puppy I could not keep her off of me. But enough about the popularity of staches.
Now to the flowering of my wife. My wife is the best wife a guy could hope for. She hates to clean often, eats a lot of junk food (and gains no weight while I get fat over here), does not eat the ends of her fries (which I devour), is crafty, goes to bed way to early and says I watch too much sports. This is the face she gives me when I watch too much basketball:

Even though she eats like a bird, Chelsey has a heart of a lion (arrgh as Noah would say). She puts up with a lot of my bad habits including my irregular sleeping and eating habits and my addiction to flaming hot lays (they are so good). Her heart is so big she even still claims my brother as family when he sports a speedo (please see below for massive speedo shot).
You may not know this but the animal Chelsey is most like is a chameleon.
She is constantly changing her hair style and looks good in any shade of hair color. She has changed her hair color so often I have forgotten what her natural hair color was. Actually, come to think of it, I don't know if I have ever seen her real hair color. Here are a few shades of my beautiful wife:

This is my current Chelsey. Isn't she so gorgeous?

This is Chelsey with short hair. I kinda like it short now that it's long (I asked Chelsey to grow out her hair and she did).

A lot of you probably don't know this but Chelsey is fascinated, beyond obsession, with buffalo. I can't figure it out. She calls them the most graceful grazing animal in the world. She has studied them for years and does a great buffalo mating call. Here is one of the many pictures she has taken of these wild beasts:

Chelsey is a superb driver in her own mind. Even though I do get scared when she drives, I make up for it when I scare her when I drive.
Chelsey is a great sibling and daughter. She always remembers everyone's birthday or special occasion and makes sure she mails a gift to them. Her passion for the family is one of the reasons why I fell in love with her. Heres a picture of her immediate family:

I don't know if any of you knew this, but Chelsey and her whole family are addicted to smoking. They all get together and smoke one cigarette after another. They even do it in front of Noah. OR maybe those as just bubble gum smokes. I will let you decide.

Chelsey also produces very cute babies. Noah is so handsome because of her. Now, let's just hope he doesn't get her teeth and my hairline.

I love my wife so much. She puts up with all my shortcomings and imperfections. She even puts up with my crazy crooked eye.

Chelsey is very supportive. During law school she was always there with words of encouragement and she always believed in me. She even allowed me to take a 3 month break from our marriage to study for the California bar. Here's Kit and I gearing up to study accompanied by some goodies from Cha.

Chelsey is very crafty. She is always making something, be it a blanket, shirt or dress. She is so creative. Here are a few samples of her work:


Chelsey and Sara in their laboratory.

If Chelsey is obsessed with two foods in this world, these are what they are:

Cherry dip from DairyQueen (which is not available in California) AND

The Almighty Cafe Rio. Chelsey devours her food from here like it were going out of style.

Chelsey also loves to dress up for Halloween. If it weren't for her we never would have put together these awesome ensembles.Above is Chelsey and I before we were married when I used to drink Jack Daniels and she wore big fluffy dresses.

This picture may appear that Chelsey applied to much bronzer to her face, however, this is dirt caked on her face after our trip on supercharged go carts. I love that she is not afraid to get dirty and have a good time.

Chelsey I love you so much. You brighten my life every day. You make me smile when I am down and better when I am sick. You are a great mom to Noah and a loving wife to me. You are loved by so many because of your compassion and giving nature. I could not picture spending the eternities with anyone else. I hope your 27th birthday is a blast.
Love, your best friend and husband Dave.


Grandma & Pop-pop said...

Wow, Dave! What a great tribute to a truly great wife/mother/neice/friend/sibling and daughter!

Have a great birthday!

Aunt Ginger

Laura said...

What a sweetheart! You have a beautiful family. Love all the pictures and funny commentary!!!

Heather Thompson said...

Oh, that was so cute! Happy Birthday Chels!!!!!! Hope you have a great day!

Carli said...

Happy Birthday Cha! Dave, you are too funny! I could not stop laughing. What great hubby you are! I hope you take her out and spoil this wonderful wife of yours!

Erick & Norma said...

Absolutely HILARIOUS...great job Dave...and a VERY happy Birthday to you Chelsey!

Anonymous said...

Rose (my 5-year-old) saw Chelsey's picture at Carli's blog and her first comment was "What a pretty mommy!" So you have a new fan, Chelsey. :) Happy birthday!

Sariah said...

This is just a GREAT post! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! What a great tribute to your adorable wife, Dave!
Happy Birthday, Chelsey! Your boys are lucky to have you as a wife and mother!

Betsy said...


sara said...

happy birthday! i hope you have big plans for the big day.

Elise said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet husband you have! I hope your day was great!

marta said...

oh my goodness, oh my goodness. what a cute hubby you have. (umm.. dan had a stache like that for all of ten seconds. yikes.) seriously the cutest post i've read all day.

happy birthday. you are a dollface with such a fun spunky personality. i love knowing you.

Chelsea F. said...

Happy Birthday! Great post Dave!

Lamese "Mese" Ugapo II said...

I too understand the power of a good mustache. My wife however is not as cool as yours and will not allow me to grow one. Cool tribute to a very deserving lady. You're a good husband and if my wife ever reads this, I will have to write yearly blog tributes to her too so thanks for making the rest of us look bad. You guys take care. Happy Birthday Chelsey.

Erin said...

Happy birthday Chels! I new we were twins in heaven. My 2 favortie foods are the same as yours. A cherry dipped cone sound Fabulous right now Yum. Maybe i will have one for you. Hope your doing well

Me & My 2 Randys said...

Happy Birthday, Chels! Hope you have a great one... and that was an awesome tribute, Dave... loved the pics :)

jen said...

i can't wipe the big smile off my glad i checked the blog. she IS awesome, you guys are so perfect for each other. i love that the pics show off her fun personality. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELS!!!

Heidi said...

This was so fun to read! Chelsey is a one of a kind we all love her for that.

my fav part was about the buffalo
i had no idea about the absession, so funny!

I love ya Chels...

Weight Family said...

What a sweet and funny tribute! Happy Birthday!!! Love, Charlotte

anna marie said...

awesome dave. what a good hubby. happy birthday chelsey!

Kimbo said...

Hello David N. Booth, Attorney at Law and Chelsea's handsome husband--
this is Hermana Mask, a voice from the past. I was guided to your sweet wife's blog by Hermana Hamm-Pierce. Sounds like your life is going really well-- Noah is the cutest!! We missed you at the reunion. It was amazing!!!! Would have loved to have seen you and been able to "catch-up". Go to facebook and join the Barcelona spain Mission-- Pres. Clate W. Mask group. You'll be shocked how many missionaries have joined the group. Fun way to keep in touch. If you have a second, would love to get an update on your life. But reading Chelsea's blog, especially when you contribute, is a close second!!
Love, Hermana Mask

Kevin and Ciara Slider said...

happy birthday chels! i love the purse you got! and way to go dave on the post!

Lynn said...

Very funny - I have one question for Dave though - could you clarify what a "flaming hot lay" is? Is this a food item or a description of your extracurricular marital activities?

Happy belated bday Chels.

brooke b said...

Love it love it love it! YOu are so dang cute and always have been!