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Friday, February 27, 2009


This cute camping chair from Pearliriver makes me want to go camping... maybe, with the right equipment. Dave says I'm like the girls on Troop Beverly Hills... whatever.


Carli said...

I can agree with what Dave is saying! Heehee! I am not much of a camper, at least not in a tent!

Lynn said...

Well the good news is that you could probably make a chair like that. Just make sure to post it when you do.

callzy rocks said...

I see your shower went well!!!! good for you!!!

A and L said...

you could use it as a luggage rack for all your visitors!

i'm not big on camping, even if i was i'd be too scared to bring this. what if someone flung a fiery marshmallow on it? or stepped on it with a dirty boot?