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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Apartment problems

Problem #1
Our upstairs toilet wasn't flushing properly so we called the landlord. They sent over their "Handyman" who had to completely remove the toilet to find the problem. What did he find? Just a giant bouncy ball! I asked Noah if he did it and he nodded his head "No"... right (I totally believe him).

Problem #2
Our guest room/office/Noah's room, window is leaking. Actually I think the roof is leaking so it's really coming through the wall, but it doesn't help that the window doesn't close correctly. It's been raining like crazy and it's leaking all over the wall, carpet and unfortunately the water leaked onto our office desk and ruined my camera charger. I just got it just 2 months ago... very annoyed.

Problem #3
Our heaters not working. I just discovered this one about 10 minutes ago. It's blowing cold air. whats next? So I guess I'm glad we're renting right now, because it wouldn't be fun paying for all these problems ourselves.


Carli said...

When it rains it pours! Mom and dad are having problems at their house this week. They had to fork out about $1500 to pay for the repairs to be done. I don't know if you remember but last year at Christmas we had problems: Our washer died and one week later our fridge went out. Unfortunately I am still paying on both of the new ones! SUCKS! Be glad you are renting and the company will pay for it to be fixed.

tatum said...

hilarious! love the fact that noah funny! i hate renting but at the same time i love not paying for repairs, last year on christmas day our heater broke, and when they fixed it a whole day later (we were freezing) it cost about 3k, so glad i didn't get that bill.

Elise said...

Our first Christmas in our apartment, we didn't have a toilet for 2 weeks. Skyler dropped some razor blades in the toilet and I accidentally flushed them. Skyler tried to fix the toilet himself by taking it out. Do you know how hard it is to hold your business until you get to work...or use the Burger King down the street? Oh memories! I can sympathize with you!

Anonymous said...

I saw Henry drop something into the toilet today and go to flush it. "I shouted, "NO! Don't do that Henry!," but he flushed anyway. I came running, VERY angry, and found that what he was flushing was: a little square of toilet paper. Oops. I hope he doesn't get bigger idea about what to flush.

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

I secretly hoped you'd do another Christmas countdown where you made something new every day like last year. I was SO SO impressed.

But you always give creativity a good turn, so I'm happy to just be a viewer anyway.

Happy Holidays!

i'm kelly said...

oh no! that's all so awful. and your new camera! what a bummer.