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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Already happening

Dave and I were bored today so we went to the mall. Besides seeing lots of puppies, and water fountains we saw Christmas trees, garlands, and lights. It's happening already, I love Christmas but the decorations come earlier every year! I went to South Coast Plaza a few days before Halloween and they already had the Christmas tree up. But I did see this silly book today about Santa Claus turning into "Farsty Claus" because one family left him out pork and beans rather then cookies and milk. It will make you laugh, check it out HERE.


Carli said...

Too funny! Did you buy the book? Preston would love reading this.

Sariah said...

If it wasn't for all the Christmas decor haters out there, I would SO put my decor up the day after Halloween! I looooove Christmas decorating and it's way too fun and too much work to have up for just a month!!! lol.

I have GOT to get my kids that Fartsy Claus book!