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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Brynn and Dustin's wedding

Brynn is one of my very best girlfriends and I had the privilege of getting her ready for her big day. The wedding was in Los Olivos, and oh my gosh was it gorgeous! The town is so darling. The wedding took place at an old Market and had a huge hay field next to it. It was a dream wedding and I'm sure she was so happy with the turn out. The bride looked amazing and the day was beautiful. I'm so happy for them.


Carli said...

Wow! She is beautiful! What a pretty wedding. As i look at Dave i suddenly begin to think that he looks alot like Donny Wahlberg from NKOTB! He is going to kill me for saying that!

Chelsey said...

He kind of does! Well thats good because Donny is a total babe! Haha

Barbara said...

I agree with the NKOTB comment! Wernt you a total fan of them? For some reason I remember posters all over you or your sisters room back in the day. That wedding looks gorgeous, makes me want to do my wedding all over again. Too many cute ideas scooting around now a days.