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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Babies babies babies

She's got twin girls in there!

All my girlfriends are having babies! 3 in this picture are pregnant. This was at Alicia's shower, she got SO much good stuff! I can't wait to see all the little babes!


Laura said...

Be careful, I hear pregnancy can be "catching"!!! With all your friends pregnant--------

Kass Martin said...

How fun. I can't imagine being pregnant with TwInS! or being pregnant at all for that matter. You look great. I love the couch pillows. They look really good. I am in the process of recovering an ottoman with some sassy zeebra pint. Well, I'm not doing it, I'm having it done. That's too complicated for me. (at least right now!) Disneyland is the BOMB! Do you have passes? You seem to go a lot. It is the happiest place on earth, truly.

megan said...

Wow you have been busy!!! Love the wedding pics. You look beautiful as always.

Sariah said...

I almost got crazy excited that you were announcing your own! lol.