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Friday, August 15, 2008

3rd event...

The sewing chest. This used to be my Grandmothers and (Lucky me) I inherited it, my Mom and I decided it needed a makeover. First step, sanding. Thank you Dave for you mad sanding skills. Before:


And for the yellow paint:

Then for the finishing touch we added some brown stain. To make it look old and worn. You would never guess this baby was particle board would you? Thanks Momma for all you help!

I am totally excited about this chest for this reason:

It hides everything but opens to this. It even raises and lowers the sewing machine with hydraulics. Now... how am I going to get it to California? There's the big question.


Pattersons said...

that's amazing! you lucked out with such a gem-and you made it look even better-i love it! enjoy your new prize!!!

Carli said...

I am not so sure that you are going to make it home with this cute cabinet! I may find some good use out of it for you! Possibly with my own sewing machine! I cannot believe how cute it turned out! Love it!!!

tatum said...

i'm sorry but i love that, good job on the restoration