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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Have you heard?

They're back. I think this is so funny because my sister loved them SO much! I remember one year they came in concert on her birthday. She came home and told me that Joey touched her hand and that she was never going to wash it again, and until this day I don't think she has! Just kidding. They make their big debut on the Today show May 16th. My Family will be in town that weekend so we are totally having a New kids party at my place!


Carli said...

Oh! I cannot wait to rock out to them in concert! I think it would be so much fun!!!

hayleyrowan said...

am i right in remembering a new kids poster in her room. cute pics of noah by the way.

Lisa said...

K the funny thing is every time i go on your blog the song that plays is my most current favorite song!!! Talk about being in sync!!!! We're on the same musical page sister!