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Friday, March 28, 2008

My Dad is such a babe

I love my Dad. He is seriously so funny, and dependable, and awesome. And just so you know this IS a costume.


The Naefs said...

I love Doug...that is so hilarious!!

Kass Martin said...

I have so many fun memories of Doug. He is so awesome! I love his costume. He seems like he's always up for fun.

tatum said...

okay that is seriously funny...., did your mom send you that picture?

kels&murr said...

Chels- I had to take a double look at that picture because it really looks like it is from the good ol' Park West era of our lives! I would have to admit, perfect outfit for your dad!

Cory CL said...

Thanks Chelsey,
This pic has totally brightened my day! I can see were your amazing sense of style comes from...xoxo

John said...

That is probably the scariest object I've seen in a long time.
Nancy that is exactly how he looked when you met him and you still married him. I must say he has improved a bit. LOL
John W.