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Saturday, February 02, 2008

On the move

Noah can totally crawl. He chases the cat, chews on our shoes, pulls out the diapers, and pretty much gets into everything. It is so fun but a lot more work, I can't just leave him anymore. He has taken an interest in the stairs the past couple days. Probably because thats where the cat goes when he is trying to escape. It's crazy how fast the grow!

Noah has the longest toes. They are so cute.


Carli said...

It's crazy to see him crawling! It was just a month ago that you were here and he wasn't doing that yet. Before you know it he will be walking. He is so cute. I miss you guys. I cannot wait to come down there and visit for a while!

Anonymous said...

Noah is such a doll. He is so cute when crawling and I got my first kiss from him. He is such a love. Love Grandma Booth

sara said...

he's adorable! i just want to squeeze him.