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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Something new

My first quilt. It may have taken me 3 years, but hey I got it finished!

I have always loved Amy Butler's fabrics. Actually my very first quilt was made entirely of her first line "Gypsy Caravan" it's very me, very bright, I love it. She has a new line coming out in April called "Midwest Modern" and I decided to post a few pictures of the prints I am going to need in my life. To see the new line for yourself click HERE.


alise said...

It's beautiful!!!!!!! Amazing, Chelsey!

Carli said...

Very cute! It's look like you. You will have to make a new quilt out of those fabrics when they come out. Or you can make one for me! Just kidding!!!

Emily Brimhall said...

pretty fabric. I wish I was good at quilting/crafty stuff. I can barely sew a straight line.

sara said...

i love that quilt. okay, when that fabric line comes out i want to make a quilt and i want you to teach me please. we need to get together soon.